A  Canadian non-profit organization


Works in the domains of perinatology, obstetrics, and paediatrics, but mainly the neonatology.


In developing countries but principally in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)


UNE CHANCE DE VIVRE (CDV) is a Canadian non-profit organization founded by 4 neonatal intensive care nurses. CDV works in the areas of perinatology, obstetrics, and pediatrics; but mainly neonatalogy. The main mission of this organization is to promote the well-being of newborns, whether are born healthy or sick. This organization seeks to put in place good care practices to help these infants survive and grow healthier. Also allow every pregnant woman the means to do so under optimal condition. CDV has chosen to work in developing countries but initially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), one of the poorest countries in the world.

As health care professionals, CDV founders know how critical the first cries of newborn babies are in determining their health path and even their survival. It is necessary to allow each of them to be able to utter this cry. No matter where they are born, the life of each newborn has value and it is very important to give each of them a chance to live. All this must be done without social, cultural or religious distinction. By integrating these values ​​and the desire to share their skills the founders have created CDV.


First training

Hi everyone! This is Stephanie, one of the founding members of Une Chance de Vivre. It has been just near a month since we left Kinshasa and I wanted


Because every child deserves a chance to live

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